Ironing Tips

Ironing tips: How to iron shirts

Ironing shirts is your idea of torture! All those creases and badly-ironed collars – there’s always something to go wrong! And yet, with the help of a few ironing tips, you should be able to handle any shirt that comes your way without a problem. From finding the right temperature to using the right technique, it’s all under control!

Ironing tips How to iron shirts

Tame those shirts and blouses!

Before starting to iron anything, check the label because you need to adapt the temperature of your iron to each specific fabric. Synthetic shirts need a cool iron, while cotton should be ironed at 390°F. Prepare each shirt first by undoing all the buttons, even the ones on the sleeves. If you want easy ironing, you need to get organized – the collar, sleeves and shoulders need to be ironed first, before moving on to the rest of the shirt. Whether you choose a cordless iron or a steam generator mainly depends on how often you iron. Finally, don’t fold your shirts too soon – put them on a hanger and do up the top button. This will avoid creases forming while they cool, and will ensure an impeccable turn-out. Top tip: Limescale on the base of your iron may stain a colored shirt. Either turn it inside out, or adapt your ironing water in order to prevent limescale formation.