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Medicinal cookery: recipes that are good for you!

Whether it’s to stave off a cold, combat fatigue or ease digestion, plants are well-known for helping us to get better and stay healthy.
Here are a few medicinal cooking recipes that have been handed down through the generations, to help combat those everyday health gripes!


Medicinal cookery using some very basic ingredients

You don’t need to transform your kitchen into an apothecary to try some of the simpler medicinal recipes. Start with a few herbal teas, which have the advantage of using ingredients that usually keep for a long time – chamomile and linden for sleep problems, honey and lemon or lemon and ginger to combat a cold, and lavender for its anti-inflammatory properties. You can drink herbal teas throughout the day, alternating between the different plants.

Ingredients to add to your dishes

Did you know? Fennel has digestive and diuretic properties, so go ahead and serve it as often as you like with your white meat and fish dishes. The star of medicinal cookery is the humble nettle, which is usually eaten in the form of nettle soup. It possesses diuretic and remineralising properties and contains lots of natural fibre. And finally, whatever the weather, don’t hold back on the parsley! Rich in minerals and vitamin C, you can add fistfuls of it to your sautéed vegetables, sauces and salads.